OUR programs

Group Mentoring

 Our Group mentoring module focuses on various group discussions centered around team building, mental enhancement,  entrepreneurship, release and destress topics.   

In School Hours Mentoring

Our in school hours mentoring  program offers assistance to local school districts to help improve the literacy and academic outcomes of school aged youth ages 8-17 at risk of academic failure.

The Man Plan

 The Man Plan is a unique empowerment  program designed for young men ages 16 and up. 

One on one accountability

Our one on one accountability gives our mentors direct access to visit our mentees during school hours in an effort to help hold our youth academically accountable. 

Creative Wellness

Creative wellness is a balanced mindset to help youth determine a health approach towards dealing with life's obstacles.

Youth Excursions

Our youth excursions offer three unforgettable annual excursions designed enhance the dreams and vision of our next generation of leaders.      

Wealthy Kids

Wealthy Kids creates a unique opportunity for our youth to learn about spiritual capital, the free-enterprise system, relationship capital, and economic independence.